I absolutely love crafts! and crafts around the holidays are even better. While we were doing this craft, I was sad that we didn’t do this last year at Laila’s first Thanksgiving. This time last year she was two and a half weeks old so everything was still a blur.

This is seriously the easiest (and cheapest) craft ever, but I think it can be so special as she grows older.

I bought a burlap table runner, 3 different colors of acrylic paint, and brushes all from Hobby Lobby for under $10!


We pained our hands and put them on the table runner and added the year. Every year we have a “Williams Thanksgiving”. It is just our family of three (we started this when we got married, then it was just us two, but now we have little L) we cook our own Thanksgiving meal the Sunday before Thanksgiving then put our Christmas tree up. (We bought our Christmas tree yesterday. Feel free to check out that blog post here.) This year we added our hand prints to the table runner. I am excited to continue doing this each year!






Do any of you do any family craft/tradition each year?


20 thoughts on “Super Easy Holiday Craft with a Baby

  1. Such a great idea using the burlap runner! I never thought about using burlap for crafts but itโ€™s so versatile. Ive actually had a burlap in my closet for quite a while waiting for a brilliant idea to do something with it. Now I know!! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. What a sweet idea! I love this kind of thing. We’ve done ornaments before but also every year on our anniversary we do a family handprint picture and it goes in that year’s scrapbook and photobook.


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