We had so much fun planning Laila’s birthday party. Because she was born on Halloween, we thought it would be perfect to have a Halloween birthday party the weekend before she turned O N E! We dressed up as Piglet, Tigger, and Christopher Robin.

So let’s be real….I started planning her party in like July…I LOVE Pinterest. I was able to get so many fun ideas from there. How people planned anything before Pinterest, I’ll never know.

The week before her party, they were calling for rain. 100% chance of rain and up to a half inch of rain. A few days before her party, the rain chances went away (Thankfully), but they were calling for VERY cold weather. AND to make it all better, L got sick the day before her party….Something was bound to happenπŸ™ƒ

As an extremely type-A person…things were just not going as planned. I had envisioned a very healthy one year old having a blast at her party, everyone dressed up in costumes, jumping in the bounce house, beautiful 65-70 degree fall weather, s’mores, pinatas, and NO rain.

Thankfully we got most of that….except a healthy one year old and beautiful 65-70 degree weather. BUT we still had SO much fun. L definitely wasn’t feeling herself that day, but she loved the bounce house, got to play with her pinata, and most importantly was surrounded by friends and family that love her.

Now for our party: (I provided links throughout the post for references)
For our decorations we went with the majority of Halloween decorations. We bought the most of it at Home Goods/TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Target, Kirklands, and Party City. We picked up pumpkins, gourds, and hay bales from a local farmer.



We used The Bakery Box for her smash cake and cupcakes (although I should mention that she did not want anything to do with her smash cake that day….she was not feeling well remember? We did do her smash cake on her actual birthday on Halloween and she LOVED it).



BJ3A9402I found the harvest chex mix recipe here.
I found super affordable eucalyptus at Import Flowers in Nashville. I literally just cut the stems and placed them in mason jars of water. I also used it on the table where her pictures were displayed.



We wanted to have an area where people could take pictures so we made this little photo booth. This was one of my favorite parts of the party!BJ3A9428



There were several kids there so we had a bounce house. I was surprised at how much she wanted to play in the bounce house! We used Kiddie City Parties for the bounce house rental.


We can’t have a party without a pinata. It’s funny because when we were telling our family L’s gender, we did a pinata to reveal so we had to have one at her first party, too! We went with a mummy design. We found this on amazon!




We had a bon fire with s’mores! It was absolutely freezing at her party so this was a great addition.


This post wouldn’t be complete without our attempt at a smash cake, right!?




How adorable were our guests in their costumes!?!





Thank you so much to our families and friends who helped make her day so special!

*The photos in this post were taken by Alexis Cheyenne Photography.


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