I LOVE Christmas. I’m one of those people that could honestly celebrate it year-round. I’ve already started listening to Christmas music and our decorations will be up any day now. However I also love Thanksgiving. I love that there is a day devoted to counting your blessings.

Today I write about US. Life is never perfect. However there is always something to be thankful for. This morning as I write this, I’m watching my baby girl walk around our bonus room carrying a plastic hot dog in one hand and a plastic corn on the cob in the other. Bliss.

Even in my wildest dreams I never imagined it like this. This morning as I write this, my heart is filled with so much gratitude. So many times it is easy to compare our lives to others. To complain about the current struggles.

In the season of Thanksgiving and counting our blessings I write about us. This is us and I am SO thankful.

This is Us….(right now)

A very messy house (the majority of the time) filled with toys, baby clothes, un-matched socks, and laundry that isn’t folded for a few days.

Laila walking completely independently and learning more about her personality every day.

Hubby and I up at 5 am on Saturdays to do grad school homework.

Family meal preps to make lunch time just a little bit easier.

Bedtime stories and nighttime prayers.

Our families filling Laila with the greatest amount of love.

Coffee mugs pretty much everywhere because we run on a lot of coffee.

Non stop nursery rhymes in English & Spanish

A LOT of “no’s” and “what’s wrong, Laila?”

Weekly farmers markets & library story time

Sweet early snuggles and lots and lots of baby kisses.

This is us right now, and I am SO Thankful.

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My heart could explode with gratitude. I am so incredibly thankful for this moment. In this very busy life, I want to hold onto every detail. I understand that Laila will not enjoy the things she does now for long, she will not be this size for long, she will only need me less. Laila will only be this little well…..for so little. Every day when I hold my baby girl, I feel her getting bigger and growing more and more independent.

When I was younger, I would just want to hit fast-forward on everything. I wanted to be finished with high school, I wanted to be finished with undergrad, I wanted to be finished with grad school. Now, I just take a deep-breath and take in these moments. Yes, I would LOVE to not have to study any more and I would LOVE for my husband to not have to go to class two nights a week after working all day long, but what sweet moments we are in right now. We have learned to value quality time and to prioritize the most important things. I am so incredibly thankful for this season in life and I truly hit my knees in prayer thanking Jesus for this life.

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Enjoy the moments even in chaos. Take in every detail. Thank Jesus for the many blessings, even when days are hard. Rejoice!


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