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We’re really festive over at our house. What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with these fun snacks!? (witch hat sandwiches, ghost bananas, and “monster” smoothie) 🙂

I have loved using our Nuby Miracle Mat Section Plate. This plate is perfect to serve as a place mat and plate all in one! It is super easy to wipe clean and it is dishwasher safe. My favorite part is that is suctions onto any surface and stays put! I have never really been able to use a plate with Laila in the past. She grabs the plate and throws it around immediately. Because of this, most of her food will just sit on the highchair table. This Nuby plate solved that problem!

Laila is all about feeding herself. I have mentioned before that Miss. Independent over here would rather feed herself than have anyone help her. Sometimes she will pull out whatever it is I fed her and put it back in her mouth so that she did it by herself… (I really do wonder where she got this independence from) 🙂 So with all of that being said, it gets pretty messy over here. Food on her clothes, food on the ground, and while the dog is always eagerly waiting for her to drop food, we now have a nice solution! This Nuby Silicone Bib is great to catch all of the food that she drops.

I have tried several bibs on Laia and she really isn’t a fan of them. She pulls them off. With this one, I was sure she would pull it off as it was a little bit heavier than other bibs she has had. Surprisingly she did not mind this bib. I think it is because of the catch compartment that it has. The food that she dropped, she was able to reach back down and grab. While I won’t be able to keep her 100% clean while she eats, she is at least set up nicely!

I really like how easy this bib is to store. It rolls up nicely and fits in her diaper bag. It is very soft and BPA Free, not to mention their adorable designs!

[*Disclosure – I received these products for a review, but all opinions are my own]

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The Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate available at Babies R Us. The 3D Silicone Bib will be available at Babies R Us this fall.


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