I love taking pictures! I’m sure you all have noticed by now that I really like taking pictures of my sweet little family. L is growing SO fast and I’m just trying to capture all of these moments. My husband gets frustrated at me sometimes because I always have my “big camera” out in public 🙂

We always joke and say that L knows when it’s time to take a picture and will just smile for the camera….That’s not actually true. Sometimes it takes me like 50 pictures later to get a good one. I have found myself scrolling through instagram and seeing how PERFECT some people’s photos look. Like “how in the world is your house so clean with a 10 month old!?”, “how do you have time to cook that elaborate dinner with 3 toddlers!?”, “Do you live in a glass house because there is SUCH good lighting in all of your photos!?”

I decided to post some “this is real life” photos. Sometimes 50 pictures in and still not a good one… Enjoy 🙂


Yes, she is eating a leaf here….
Always holds onto my hair
My sister is going to kill me for posting this one of L crying with her.
Just licking the pumpkins…

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