I knew I was going to blog about this one day….so here it is! Postpartum Body.  It took me a little bit of time to come to terms with my new body. During my pregnancy I had ZERO stretch marks. I was convinced that the many stretch mark creams I purchased along with my homemade ones were doing the trick. Four weeks before I delivered, someone told me that they didn’t have stretch marks until they delivered. I had never even heard of that!? When she told me that I literally said out loud “great….that’s going to be me”. Sure enough it was me.

Here we are, almost 11 months later and I have finally come to terms with my body. My body was Laila’s home for 9 months. It really is incredible! I still can’t believe it was able to do what it had to do for her.

As a mom to a girl, I believe it is so important to show positive examples of self-image. I want her to see the beauty in herself no matter what. I want her to feel beautiful and to see beauty in all body types!

During my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight. I still haven’t bee able to lose it all, I still have a lot of stretch marks, and had no pre-pregnancy clothes fit, but that is completely fine!! Having these marks is just an outward example of my favorite role in the whole entire world. Being a mom!! Sure many women are able to bounce back and have zero stretch marks, but that just isn’t my body. 


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4 thoughts on “Loving Your Postpartum Body

  1. Every single mom EVER has something about her body that changes after having a baby…be it stretch marks, spider veins, saggy boobs, bigger feet…there’s always something! It is such a tremendous thing to go through and some kind of lasting change is inevitable, I think. You are not alone! And you are 100% right: it is SO worth it. 🙂


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